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One of the most important software companies NGINX, which is also behind the very popular open-source web server of the same name, is being acquired by its rival, F5 Networks, in a deal valued at about $670 million.

While NGINX is not a name that you have ever heard of, the reality is that you use NGINX every day when you post a photo, watch streaming video, purchase goods online, or log into your applications at work.

NGINX powers over half of the busiest websites in the world. Majority of sites on the Internet today, including The Hacker News, and hundreds of thousands apps, like Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix, and Airbnb are hosted on web servers running NGINX.

NGINX web server is the third most widely used servers in the world—behind only Microsoft and Apache, and ahead of Google. In short, the internet as we know it today would not exist without NGINX. Pop over and pay them a visit at

images from Hacker News