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A cyberespionage threat actor known for targeting a variety of critical infrastructure sectors in Africa, the Middle East, and the U.S. has been observed using an upgraded version of a remote access trojan with information stealing capabilities.

Calling TA410 an umbrella group comprised of three teams dubbed FlowingFrog, LookingFrog, and JollyFrog, Slovak cybersecurity firm ESET assessed that “these subgroups operate somewhat independently, but that they may share intelligence requirements, an access team that runs their spear-phishing campaigns, and also the team that deploys network infrastructure.”

TA410 — said to share behavioural and tooling overlaps with APT10 (aka Stone Panda or TA429) — has a history of targeting U.S.-based organizations in the utilities sector as well as diplomatic entities in the Middle East and Africa.

Other identified victims of the hacker collective include a manufacturing company in Japan, a mining business in India, and a charity in Israel, in addition to unnamed victims in the education and military verticals.

TA410 was first documented by Proofpoint in August 2019 when the threat actor unleashed phishing campaigns containing macro-laden documents to compromise utility providers across the U.S. with a modular malware called LookBack.

images from Hacker News