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Mitron (means “friends” in Hindi), you have been fooled again!

Mitron is not really a ‘Made in India’ product, and the viral app contains a highly critical, unpatched vulnerability that could allow anyone to hack into any user account without requiring interaction from the targeted users or their passwords.

I am sure many of you already know what TikTok is, and those still unaware, it’s a highly popular video social platform where people upload short videos of themselves doing things like lip-syncing and dancing.

The wrath faced by Chinese-owned TikTok from all directions—mostly due to data security and ethnopolitical reasons—gave birth to new alternatives in the market, one of which is the Mitron app for Android.

Mitron video social platform recently caught headlines when the Android app crazily gained over 5 million installations and 250,000 5-star ratings in just 48 days after being released on the Google Play Store.

Popped out of nowhere, Mitron is not owned by any big company, but the app went viral overnight, capitalising on its name that is popular in India as a commonly used greeting by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Besides this, PM Modi’s latest ‘vocal for local‘ initiative to make India self-reliant has indirectly set up a narrative in the country to boycott Chinese services and products, and of course, #tiktokban and #IndiansAgainstTikTok hashtags trending due to TikTok vs. YouTube battle and CarryMinati roast video also rapidly increased the popularity of Mitron.​

images from Hacker News