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You’ve been asked for a Vulnerability Assessment Report for your organisation and for some of you reading this article, your first thought is likely to be “What is that?”

Worry not. This article will answer that very question as well as why you need a Vulnerability Assessment Report and where you can get one from.

As it’s likely the request for such a report came from an important source such as the Board, a partner, a client or an auditor, there isn’t a moment to waste. So let’s drive straight in.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment Report and why do you need one?

A Vulnerability Assessment Report is simply a document that illustrates how you are managing your organisation’s vulnerabilities. It’s important because, with tens of thousands of new technology flaws being discovered every year, you need to be able to prove that your organisation does its best to avoid attack if you want to be trusted by partners and customers.

A best security practice recommended by governments across the world, a vulnerability assessment is an automated review process that provides insights into your current security state. The vulnerability assessment report is the outcome of this review. Used as a roadmap to a better state of security preparedness, it lays out the unique risks your organisation is up against due to the technology you use, and reveals how best to overcome them with minimal disruption to your core business strategy and operations.

images from Hacker News