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Matrix—the organisation behind an open source project that offers a protocol for secure and decentralised real-time communication—has suffered a massive cyber attack after unknown attackers gained access to the servers hosting its official website and data.

Hackers defaced Matrix’s website, and also stole unencrypted private messages, password hashes, access tokens, as well as GPG keys the project maintainers used for signing packages.

The cyber attack eventually forced the organisation to shut down its entire production infrastructure for several hours and log all users out of

So, if you have an account with service and do not have backups of your encryption keys or were not using server-side encryption key backup, unfortunately, you will not be able to read your entire encrypted conversation history.

Matrix is an open source end-to-end encrypted messaging protocol that allows anyone to self-host a messaging service on their own servers, powering many instant messengers, VoIP, WebRTC, bots and IoT communication.

images from Hacker News