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File hosting service Dropbox on Tuesday disclosed that it was the victim of a phishing campaign that allowed unidentified threat actors to gain unauthorized access to 130 of its source code repositories on GitHub.

“These repositories included our own copies of third-party libraries slightly modified for use by Dropbox, internal prototypes, and some tools and configuration files used by the security team,” the company revealed in an advisory.

The breach resulted in the access of some API keys used by Dropbox developers as well as “a few thousand names and email addresses belonging to Dropbox employees, current and past customers, sales leads, and vendors.”

It, however, stressed that the repositories did not contain source code related to its core apps or infrastructure.

Dropbox, which offers cloud storage, data backup, and document signing services, among others, has over 17.37 million paying users and 700 million registered users as of August 2022.

images from Hacker News