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Two severe security flaws have been discovered in the open-source SaltStack Sat configuration framework that could allow an adversary to execute arbitrary code on remote servers deployed in data centres and cloud environments.

The vulnerabilities were identified by F-Secure researchers earlier this March and disclosed on Thursday, a day after SaltStack released a patch (version 3000.2) addressing the issues, rated with CVSS score 10.

“The vulnerabilities, allocated CVE IDs CVE-2020-11651 and CVE-2020-11652, are of two different classes,” the cybersecurity firm said.

“One being authentication bypass where functionality was unintentionally exposed to unauthenticated network clients, the other being directory traversal where untrusted input (i.e., parameters in network requests) was not sanitised correctly allowing unconstrained access to the entire filesystem of the master server.”

The researchers warned that the flaws could be exploited in the wild imminently. SaltStack is also urging users to follow the best practices to secure the Salt environment.

images from Hacker News