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Spotify’s Backstage has been discovered as vulnerable to a severe security flaw that could be exploited to gain remote code execution by leveraging a recently disclosed bug in a third-party module.

The vulnerability (CVSS score: 9.8), at its core, takes advantage of a critical sandbox escape in vm2, a popular JavaScript sandbox library (CVE-2022-36067 aka Sandbreak), that came to light last month.

“An unauthenticated threat actor can execute arbitrary system commands on a Backstage application by exploiting a vm2 sandbox escape in the Scaffolder core plugin,” application security firm Oxeye said in a report shared with The Hacker News.

Backstage is an open source developer portal from Spotify that allows users to create, manage, and explore software components from a unified “front door.” It’s used by many companies like Netflix, DoorDash, Roku, and Expedia, among others.

According to Oxeye, the flaw is rooted in a tool called software templates that can be used to create components within Backstage.

images from Hacker News