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The threat actors behind the CopperStealer malware resurfaced with two new campaigns in March and April 2023 that are designed to deliver two novel payloads dubbed CopperStealth and CopperPhish.

Trend Micro is tracking the financially motivated group under the name Water Orthrus. The adversary is also assessed to be behind another campaign known as Scranos, which was detailed by Bitdefender in 2019.

Active since at least 2021, Water Orthrus has a track record of leveraging pay-per-install (PPI) networks to redirect victims landing on cracked software download sites to drop an information stealer codenamed CopperStealer.

Another campaign spotted in August 2022 entailed the use of CopperStealer to distribute Chromium-based web browser extensions that are capable of performing unauthorized transactions and transferring cryptocurrency from victims’ wallets to ones under attackers’ control.

images from Hacker News