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Cloud computing was the lifeline that kept many companies running during the pandemic. But it was a classic case of medicine that comes with serious side effects.

Having anywhere, anytime access to data and apps gives companies tremendous flexibility in a fast-changing world, plus the means to scale and customize IT at will. The cloud is an asset or upgrade in almost every way.

With one glaring exception: cybersecurity.

The cloud promised to make companies more secure and security more straightforward. Yet over the same time period that the cloud took over computing, cyber attacks grew steadily worse while security teams felt increasingly overwhelmed.


We will explain shortly. For lean security teams, the more important question is how to make cloud security work, especially as the cloud footprint grows (a lot) faster than security resources. Will the cloud always cast a shadow on cybersecurity?

Not with the strategy outlined in a free ebook from Cynet called “The Lean IT Guide to Cloud Security“. It explains how security teams with less than 20, 10, or even 5 members can make cloud security work from here forward.

images from Hacker News