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Foreign affairs ministries in the Americas have been targeted by a Chinese state-sponsored actor named Flea as part of a recent campaign that spanned from late 2022 to early 2023.

The cyber attacks, per Broadcom’s Symantec, involved a new backdoor codenamed Graphican. Some of the other targets included a government finance department and a corporation that markets products in the Americas as well as one unspecified victim in an European country.

“Flea used a large number of tools in this campaign,” the company said in a report shared with The Hacker News, describing the threat actor as “large and well-resourced.” “As well as the new Graphican backdoor, the attackers leveraged a variety of living-off-the-land tools, as well as tools that have been previously linked to Flea.”

Flea, also called APT15, BackdoorDiplomacy, ke3chang, Nylon Typhoon (formerly Nickel), Playful Taurus, Royal APT, and Vixen Panda, is an advanced persistent threat group that’s known to strike governments, diplomatic missions, and embassies since at least 2004.

images from Hacker News