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What could be more exciting than seeing yourself starring alongside your favorite actor in a movie, music video, or TV program?

Yes, that’s possible—well, kind of, by using a new AI-based deepfake app that has gone viral in China over this weekend, climbing to the top of the free apps list in the Chinese iOS App Store in just three days.

Dubbed ZAO, the app is yet another deepfake app for iPhone that lets you superimpose your face onto actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kit Harrington from “Game of Thrones,” and many others in video clips from their popular movies and TV shows with just a selfie uploaded by you.

Developed by Chinese developer MoMo, one of China’s most popular dating apps, ZAO was released on Friday (August 30) and rapidly got downloaded millions of times with users being excited about the experience for the app’s realistic face-swapping videos that last for as little as 8 seconds.

ZAO Deepfake Face Swap App Sparks Privacy Outcry

However, ZAO faced a sudden backlash from some users concerned about the potential misuse of deepfake technology.

An earlier version (now deleted) of ZAO’s user agreement stated that users who willingly uploaded their photos agree to give ZAO full ownership and “free, irrevocable, permanent, transferable, and relicense-able” license to all user-generated content and permit the developer to use their images for processing and marketing purposes.

For those unaware, users can easily re-map their face onto a video by choosing a video clip from a limited library of popular videos on ZAO and uploading just their single selfie, though the app suggests users to upload selfies from different angles for more realistic results.

images from Hacker News