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In recent years, gas stations have become one of the favorite targets for thieves who are stealing customers’ credit and debit card information by installing a Bluetooth-enabled payment card skimmers at gas stations across the nation.

The media has also reported several recent crimes surrounding credit card skimmers, including:

  • Gas pump skimmer found at a 7-Eleven in Pinellas County
  • Credit card skimmer found at West Palm Beach gas station
  • Credit Card Skimmer Found at Gas Station in Sunnyvale
  • Several Gas Pump Credit Card Skimmers Found at Bay Area Stations
  • Gas pump credit card skimmers found at Boerne stations
  • Credit card skimmers target Anthem Circle K

For those unaware, Bluetooth credit card skimmer is a tiny sneaky device designed to stealthily capture payment card information, like credit card holder’s card number, expiration date and the full name, which nearby thieves then retrieve wirelessly over a Bluetooth connection.

images from Hacker News