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Tainted VPN installers are being used to deliver a piece of surveillanceware dubbed EyeSpy as part of a malware campaign that started in May 2022.

It uses “components of SecondEye – a legitimate monitoring application – to spy on users of 20Speed VPN, an Iranian-based VPN service, via trojanized installers,” Bitdefender said in an analysis.

A majority of the infections are said to originate in Iran, with smaller detections in Germany and the U.S., the Romanian cybersecurity firm added.

SecondEye, according to snapshots captured via the Internet Archive, claims to be a commercial monitoring software that can work as a “parental control system or as an online watchdog.” As of November 2021, it’s offered for sale anywhere between $99 to $200.

It comes with a wide range of features that allows it to take screenshots, record microphone, log keystrokes, gather files and saved passwords from web browsers, and remotely control the machines to run arbitrary commands.

images from Hacker News