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A novel multi-stage loader called DoubleFinger has been observed delivering a cryptocurrency stealer dubbed GreetingGhoul in what’s an advanced attack targeting users in Europe, the U.S., and Latin America.

“DoubleFinger is deployed on the target machine, when the victim opens a malicious PIF attachment in an email message, ultimately executing the first of DoubleFinger’s loader stages,” Kaspersky researcher Sergey Lozhkin said in a Monday report.

The starting point of the attacks is a modified version of espexe.exe – which refers to Microsoft Windows Economical Service Provider application – that’s engineered to execute shellcode responsible for retrieving a PNG image file from the image hosting service Imgur.

The image employs steganographic trickery to conceal an encrypted payload that triggers a four-stage compromise chain which eventually culminates in the execution of the GreetingGhoul stealer on the infected host.

images from Hacker News