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Australian health insurance firm Medibank on Wednesday disclosed that the personal information of all of its customers had been unauthorizedly accessed following a recent ransomware attack.

In an update to its ongoing investigation into the incident, the firm said the attackers had access to “significant amounts of health claims data” as well as personal data belonging to its ahm health insurance subsidiary and international students.

Medibank, which is one of the largest Australian private health insurance providers, serves about 3.9 million customers across the country.

“We have evidence that the criminal has removed some of this data and it is now likely that the criminal has stolen further personal and health claims data,” the company further added. “As a result, we expect that the number of affected customers could grow substantially.”

The company also said it’s continuing its probe to determine what specific data has been stolen in the attack and that it will directly notify affected customers of the matter.

images from Hacker News