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For 6 months, the infamous Emotet botnet has shown almost no activity, and now it’s distributing malicious spam. Let’s dive into details and discuss all you need to know about the notorious malware to combat it.

Why is everyone scared of Emotet?

Emotet is by far one of the most dangerous trojans ever created. The malware became a very destructive program as it grew in scale and sophistication. The victim can be anyone from corporate to private users exposed to spam email campaigns.

The botnet distributes through phishing containing malicious Excel or Word documents. When users open these documents and enable macros, the Emotet DLL downloads and then loads into memory.

It searches for email addresses and steals them for spam campaigns. Moreover, the botnet drops additional payloads, such as Cobalt Strike or other attacks that lead to ransomware.

The polymorphic nature of Emotet, along with the many modules it includes, makes the malware challenging to identify. The Emotet team constantly changes its tactics, techniques, and procedures to ensure that the existing detection rules cannot be applied. As part of its strategy to stay invisible in the infected system, the malicious software downloads extra payloads using multiple steps.

And the results of Emotet behaviour are devastating for cybersecurity specialists: the malware is nearly impossible to remove. It spreads quickly, generates faulty indicators, and adapts according to attackers’ needs.

images from Hacker News