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A “dangerous piece of functionality” has been discovered in Microsoft 365 suite that could be potentially abused by a malicious actor to ransom files stored on SharePoint and OneDrive and launch attacks on cloud infrastructure.

The cloud ransomware attack makes it possible to launch file-encrypting malware to “encrypt files stored on SharePoint and OneDrive in a way that makes them unrecoverable without dedicated backups or a decryption key from the attacker,” Proofpoint said in a report published today.

The infection sequence can be carried out using a combination of Microsoft APIs, command-line interface (CLI) scripts, and PowerShell scripts, the enterprise security firm added.

The attack, at its core, hinges on a Microsoft 365 feature called AutoSave that creates copies of older file versions as and when users make edits to a file stored on OneDrive or SharePoint Online.

It commences with gaining unauthorized access to a target user’s SharePoint Online or OneDrive account, followed by abusing the access to exfiltrate and encrypt files. The three most common avenues to obtain the initial foothold involve directly breaching the account via phishing or brute-force attacks, tricking a user into authorizing a rogue third-party OAuth application, or taking over the web session of a logged-in user.

images from Hacker News