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In our previous stories, you might have already read about various campaigns warning how threat actors are capitalising on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in an attempt to infect your computers and mobile devices with malware or scam you out of your money.

Unfortunately, to some extent, it’s working, and that’s because the attack surface is changing and expanding rapidly as many organisations and business tasks are going digital without much preparation, exposing themselves to more potential threats.

Most of the recent cyberattacks are primarily exploiting the fears around the COVID-19 outbreak—fueled by disinformation and fake news—to distribute malware via Google Play apps, malicious links and attachments, and execute ransomware attacks.

Here, we took a look at some of the wide range of unseen threats rising in the digital space, powered by coronavirus-themed lures that cybercriminals are using for espionage and commercial gain.

The latest development adds to a long list of cyberattacks against hospitals and testing centers, and phishing campaigns that aim to profit off the global health concern.

images from Hacker News