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Companies are in the midst of an employee “turnover tsunami” with no signs of a slowdown. According to Fortune Magazine, 40% of the U.S. is considering quitting their jobs. This trend – coined the great resignation – creates instability in organizations. High employee turnover increases security risks, and companies are more vulnerable to attacks from human factors worldwide.

At Davos 2022, statistics connect the turmoil of the great resignation to the rise of new insider threats. Security teams are feeling the impact. It’s even harder to keep up with your employee security. Companies need a fresh approach to close the gaps and prevent attacks. This article will examine what your security teams must do within the new organizational dynamics to quickly and effectively address unique challenges.

Handling Your New Insider Threats

Implementing a successful security awareness program is more challenging than ever for your security team—the new blood coming in causes cultural dissonance. Every new employee brings their own security habits, behaviour, and ways of work. Changing habits is slow. Yet, companies don’t have the luxury of time. They must get ahead of hackers to prevent attacks from new insider threats.

Be sure to handle your organization’s security high-impact risks:

  • Prevent data loss – When employees leave, there’s a high risk of sensitive data leaks. Manage off-boarding and close lurking dormant emails to prevent data loss.
  • Maintain best practices – When new employees join the organization, even if security training is well conducted, they’re not on par with their peers. Unknown security habits may put the organization at risk.
  • Ensure friendly reminders – With less staff, employees are overburdened and pressured. Security may be “forgotten” or neglected in the process.
  • Support remote work –To support rapid employee recruitment, working at home is a must. Remote work flexibility helps to attract and retain new employees.
  • Train on the go – Remote work requires securing remote devices and dealing with new employee behaviour for inherent distractions – on the go and at home.

images from Hacker News