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On average, organizations report using 102 business-critical SaaS applications, enabling operations of most departments across an organization, such as IT and Security, Sales, Marketing, R&D, Product Management, HR, Legal, Finance, and Enablement. An attack can come from any app, no matter how robust the app is.

Without visibility and control over a critical mass of an organization’s entire SaaS app stack, security teams are flying blind. This is why it’s important that all SaaS apps across the organization be managed at scale.

While this breadth of coverage is critical, each app has its own characteristics, UI, and terminology. Mitigating these threats requires a deep understanding of all security controls its configurations.

Learn how to automate SaaS security management.

Security teams need to map out the entire SaaS ecosystem within the organization, including the core SaaS apps and the numerous additional apps that employees connect to without checking or informing the security team.

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